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Stop wearing too many hats!  Small companies can still benefit with big HR initiatives.  Have an expert HR strategist take your business to the next level!

Our milkshakes come in all flavors

 Welcome to Milkshake, where business owners turn to for all of their HR Outsourcing and Consulting demands. Our team of senior consultants pairs out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true consulting skills. We're on the cusp of social media trends, new technologies and new ways to deliver messages effectively and creatively to your team. Many small to medium sized companies do not have the resources to staff an HR Department. Improper management and employee issues can lead to productivity loss as well as legal exposure,  which can translate into big losses for an organization. Whether on a project basis or with ongoing help, a variety of potential HR risks can be avoided by outsourcing some or all of an organization’s human resources functions.

Why Outsource

HR outsourcing helps businesses reduce costs, minimize risk and alleviate HR administrative burdens. Whether you have have an existing HR team or not, we can provide executive level direction.

Sensible Solutions

We provide you with practical and easy solutions for your business. Let's make things better together.  

Not one size fits all

We strongly believe in delivering innovative strategies to your ideas.

delivering hr solutions that are far from vanilla

HR Solutions That Work