Recruiting Services
Milkshake Consulting understands the importance of selecting the right candidate. Milkshake Consulting provides complete recruiting services including creating and placing advertisements, sourcing candidates, interviewing, conducting references, and assistance in the selection process. To complete the process, Milkshake Consulting also offers criminal and credit background checks and pre-employment drug testing.

Policy and Procedure Development
Milkshake Consulting creates customized employee handbooks and procedure manuals in order to outline policies mandated by state and federal government agencies as well as company policies and procedures. Clients are also notified as to changes in the HR environment that may require modifications to their company policies and procedures.

Our Services

Milkshake Consulting provides comprehensive Human Resources services customized to each client’s needs.

Interim Human Resources
Milkshake Consulting provides Human Resources services on an interim or continuous contracted basis. On-site services include managing and performing day-to-day HR functions such as employee relations, recruiting, benefits administration, training, safety, and workers’ compensation as well as project-based assignments.
Human Resources Compliance/Audits
Employers struggle daily with the task of complying with state and federal labor laws. Milkshake Consulting performs internal HR audits to determine a client’s level of risk and recommends solutions. Milkshake Consulting also provides continuous phone support to clients whom have HR related questions.*

Milkshake Consulting is not a licensed law firm and therefore does not provide legal advice. If legal advice is necessary, Milkshake Consulting will refer clients to an employment law attorney.